Ganked Galleries

Electric stuff!

Clarks, Dundee - July 18. Great venue and crowd to play.

Seemed to confuse the locals (and tourists) in Tobermoray, Mull!

The best Chip Shop in Scotland (beer & live music). Food in the Park, Blair Atholl, June 2018

Texas Scrambled eggs...scrambled eggs! Forfar Golf Club maniacs, May 18.

Clarks, Dundee March 18. Pics courtesy of the venue.

Hello sailor! - @ The Oz.

Bit of R&R at The Green Room, Perth.

Rocking it up at The Green Room, Perth. The Gretsch is getting a bit of action these days!

What are you looking at - Bonfest April 2017

Katie Nicoll - Opening for us at the Ogilvy Arms, Bonfest 2017. Well done Katie

With Phil Rudd at Bonfest 2017, ACDC legendry drummer.

2017 kicked off with a blast at Behind the Wall, Falkirk. A new year, new venue.

Another full house at the Oz, Forfar.

Bav's new office!

Ganked cartoony style. Big thanks to Sophie Taylor for taking the 3 individual pics at Mofest. Check out her work at Rotten Core Design (

Mofest at Harry's Bar, courtesy of the Dundee Courier.

MoFest a shop.....for chaaaaarity!

Bav & Frank talking tactics prior to our debut Globe gig, Aberdeen!

Bav in the engine room at the Black Abbot, Montrose

Got ourselves a funky banner!

Bav adding a bit of oomph to the Ganked sound

Fun at the Market Arms, Montrose

The Green Room, Perth

Ganking with XSLF

Where's Fully when you need him?

The Millgate, Arbroath.

Gav....looking his best!

A rare shot of Darth Maul and Frank smiling!