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Busy Busy Summer

- by Gav Hedge

So it's been a busy summer for us. The usual local festivals starting in April with Bonfest, then Mofest followed by Forfarfest (at which we attempted to tackle 4 gigs and felt the pain). Then some great, new, exciting venues to add to the mix and a handful of our usual haunts and a roadtrip to Mull...all making us... well, knackered. Bav blew a gasket in his brain at the Strathie Cricket Club (whilst we were playing Eddie & The Hotrods) and ended up in hospital for a week in August (lazy ba*&^%$)! So, September and October are chilled so we can put some new material together. When we return (looking younger than ever) we have some new venues in Arbroath and near Aberdeen plus a cheeky 50th party and a few other gigs to see us through the year. Till's a pic from our last gig at Clarks, Dundee where we are becoming regular faces it seems.