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- by Gav Hedge

August 2017 saw the 100th Ganked gig.

It was a rather surreal affair playing outdoors at the Taste of Angus event at Glamis Castle where we got told off by an irate events manager for playing too loud and disturbing the cookery demonstrations going on in the surrounding marquee's! Not quite how we planned it but hey. We've come a long way since Gav & Frank kicked this whole thing off with no band name or intentions back in 2013 after throwing a couple of tunes together. Our first proper duo gig was in April 2014 in the Reid Park Bar in Forfar. Three drummers and 100 gigs later the Ganked locomotive has never sounded or felt better and most of still a bundle of fun.

A huge thanks from Bav, Frank and Gav for coming to see us over those 100+ gigs and making it all a great excuse to get out the house. Cheers!