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Clarks Punters

- by Gav Hedge

Been playing this place a fair bit these days. Always a great crowd and fun gig. Clarks, Dundee.

Bonfest 2019

- by Gav Hedge

Bonfest just get's better and better and as always, it's a pleasure to play such a fun, well organized local festival. This year we managed 3 gigs at The Attic, The Oge and The Town Hall over the weekend, all full of crazy, hairy rockers who got not one AC/DC track off us but we still escaped alive! Top marks to John and the team who organize the whole thing and keep asking us back.

 The Attic - Bonfest 2019

The Oge - Bonfest 2019


- by Gav Hedge

And so starts 2019, our 5th year as Ganked.

Looking forward to seeing whoever reads this out and about somewhere....sometime!

Busy Busy Summer

- by Gav Hedge

So it's been a busy summer for us. The usual local festivals starting in April with Bonfest, then Mofest followed by Forfarfest (at which we attempted to tackle 4 gigs and felt the pain). Then some great, new, exciting venues to add to the mix and a handful of our usual haunts and a roadtrip to Mull...all making us... well, knackered. Bav blew a gasket in his brain at the Strathie Cricket Club (whilst we were playing Eddie & The Hotrods) and ended up in hospital for a week in August (lazy ba*&^%$)! So, September and October are chilled so we can put some new material together. When we return (looking younger than ever) we have some new venues in Arbroath and near Aberdeen plus a cheeky 50th party and a few other gigs to see us through the year. Till's a pic from our last gig at Clarks, Dundee where we are becoming regular faces it seems. 

Ganked Roadtrip to the Isle of Mull

- by Gav Hedge

We embarked on a wee road and ferry trip to the Isle of Mull at the end of July '18 to play The Mishnish in a fantastic setting overlooking Tobermoray Bay. Great pub, top company with some of the gang, first class hospitality and a fun gig to top it off. Thanks to all who looked after us and made sure we were fed, boozed up, accommodated and made so welcome.

The day after outside the Mishnish.

Nice view behind of Tobermory Bay


One from outside


Fantastic setting

Bonfest 2018

- by Gav Hedge

Another year, another Bonfest. Yet again a brilliant atmosphere in Kirriemuir to celebrate Bon Scott in his hometown. We never get tired of being part of this weekend festival and are always blown away by the friendly punters from all over the world. Friday afternoon in the Thrums was fun, Sunday afternoon in the Oge was bouncing. Thanks to all who came to see us and played along with us....till next year.

Fun at the Oge, Bonfest 2018

Mark Evans (ex AC/DC bass player) meets 2/3 of Ganked at Bonfest


- by Gav Hedge

Well, a fairly hectic start to 2018 with plenty of gigs to kick the year off. We blew the PA speakers in the Market Arms and had to retire the old system for something new (now we just need to learn how to use it)! We played our first gig in Dundee at Clarks in March and head back there in April. Fest season next .... Bonfest and Mofest in May and Forfarfest in June. Also got a wee roadtrip over to the Isle of Mull in July, playing at the Mishnish, legendry place. Choca bloc until the end of July playing a mix of regular haunts and new venues. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you there...

A cosy fit in the Oz, Forfar - March 2018

Out with 2017, in with 2018

- by Gav Hedge

Another year down and a big thanks to everyone who came to see us and have a laugh with us at our gigs during 2017. We managed to put in 35 performances throughout the year, kicking off in Falkirk and finishing in Aberdeen with a Hogmanay hoolie at Ma Cameron's, a great, fun gig to finish off the year. We decided to rock things up a bit more last year with some more upbeat electric stuff and decided we quite enjoy it! More of that to come in '18. Loads of new tunes were thrown into the set, tambourines were stolen, 50th birthday parties were plentiful and new venues were tried and tested. All in all, fun n' games as per usual.

Here's to 2018 where hopefully we will add more tunes, play new venues and with any luck embark on a mini road tour of somewhere strange and different (if they'll have us)! And of course see you guys (assuming anyone actually reads this) at some of our usual venues.

Happy New Year to everyone from Gav, Frank & Bav.

Xmas 2017 at Amigo's, Kirriemuir


- by Gav Hedge

August 2017 saw the 100th Ganked gig.

It was a rather surreal affair playing outdoors at the Taste of Angus event at Glamis Castle where we got told off by an irate events manager for playing too loud and disturbing the cookery demonstrations going on in the surrounding marquee's! Not quite how we planned it but hey. We've come a long way since Gav & Frank kicked this whole thing off with no band name or intentions back in 2013 after throwing a couple of tunes together. Our first proper duo gig was in April 2014 in the Reid Park Bar in Forfar. Three drummers and 100 gigs later the Ganked locomotive has never sounded or felt better and most of still a bundle of fun.

A huge thanks from Bav, Frank and Gav for coming to see us over those 100+ gigs and making it all a great excuse to get out the house. Cheers!


ForfarFest 2017

- by Gav Hedge

Another ForfarFest over and done with. Great to see a refurbished Osnaburg packed to the brim and in great spirit as usual. Sorry to the folk who couldn't get in and listened on the street (like the pic Ross Milne took of us below through the window)! After the Oz we headed up to the Mason's and played a more punched up electric set. Never played in there before, good crowd, funky dancing. Till next year....

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